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1. Communicating “Loyalty to God”

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1. Communicating “Loyalty to God”

God’s work is already nearing the end. To each and every person, God asks: “To Whom Are You Loyal?” This question from God stirs people’s hearts and people begin to examine themselves. Perhaps people have never been serious about themselves, but this time around, people should be serious about themselves. God defines who belongs to Him in terms of who is loyal to Him and so determines the outcome of each person. This makes sense. If you are loyal to God, you of course belong to God, and are gained by God. This kind of person will receive God’s praise. If you are loyal to God, you must have enough good deeds to serve as proof and cannot rely on mere words nor thoughts. So what does it mean to be loyal to God? Loyalty to God means that, in all matters, one chooses God. One loves God, one only worships God, and one can obey and be loyal to all that comes from God. One can reject and throw off Satan, the flesh, and varied people and things and not be restrained by them. One abandons everything in order to expend for God like this. Those that are loyal to God are so because God holds a place in their hearts. Therefore, they love God and do their duties without other things restraining them. They do not feel taxed in carrying out the truth to the point that they will remain loyal even unto death and will not betray God. Those that have other loves are never able to overcome being restrained by people, issues and things. They therefore have difficulty carrying out the truth and this is completely natural. In times of great tribulation, those that fulfill their duties have possessed some of these kinds of situations and born witness to loyalty to God. But they are still not perfect and they must continue to work hard. Those that perform their duties only in a perfunctory manner don’t demonstrate any observable loyalty and bearing witnessing is therefore absent in them and much greater efforts are needed to make this up. Testimony of loyalty to God is the testimony of the victorious and only the victorious really become perfected and are praised by God. If one seeks to be loyal to God, then one must cast off all things in order to fulfill one’s duties, including the world, including one’s family, including one’s husband or wife, children, mother and father so as to be completely loyal to God. This is the only true expression of loyalty to God. God does not use regulations to restrain people, and all that people do should be based on faith and on true love for God. If you want to be loyal to God, then you must put aside all else and do everything in order to satisfy God. I think this is completely reasonable and isn’t too great of a demand. People’s principles of practice depend upon faith and on God’s demands at different times. The final moment is not a trivial time. At this critical moment, if one can’t be loyal to God, then one will regret one’s entire life. The victorious are “they which follow the Lamb wherever he goes,” “they loved not their lives to the death,” “and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ.” This is testimony of one’s loyalty to God, the testimony of the victorious, and worthy of God’s praise. How God perfects the victorious is what He demands from people; people should understand God’s heart. The last stage of testimony is done in this way. What one practiced in the past has not met the mark.

Bearing testimony to loyalty to God involves several components. People can’t cover all the bases, but the real quality behind loyalty to God is something that everyone must possess. God alone is in one’s heart and God rises above all else and nothing is higher than God. Everything that a person does must aim for loyalty to God and not for gaining favor with others. Everything a person says or does is answerable to God and is in obedience to God. Only when one possesses a heart truly loyal to God in whatever aspect they fulfill their duties can they be successful. While seeking to be loyal to God, one should review the lessons of past failures. Carrying out one’s duties by simply going through the motions and not being serious, not keeping God in one’s heart, having one’s intentions adulterated by other motives or aims will all prevent one from carrying out their duties well. One must also pay attention to changes in one’s disposition, delve deeply into truth pursuit, and possess true love of God. This is the only solution. All those people fulfill their duties with the blessings in mind and from fear of being punished and fear of being eliminated. Therefore, they cannot help but go through the motions in fulfilling their duties because they are not acting willingly and always have blessings in mind. Such people are not conscientious or sensible. They are always thinking about their husband or wife, their son or daughter, and even more are concerned with the flesh. Who can save people ultimately? Who gives people the right to exist? Who can decide on all things of man? If one can’t see through all of this, how can one really count as a believer? Whatever a person is able to love in his heart is that which he will be loyal to. He who can’t love God is most inhumane. How can he be loyal to God? You have several years of experience of God’s work, so don’t you know what changes are in yourself and how much you are saved? If you really recognize your corrupt nature, then how can you still not know how to behave? You should know even more what it means to be humane. What benefit can ultimately come from living for your spouse and children? Why can’t you live for God for once? With this last opportunity, you should return God’s love by living for Him. Rarely does one have the chance to exercise some loyalty to God as there is so much that binds man. Man is too pitiable! This is the final opportunity, so people should be clear. You can’t continue to be loyal to the people, issues, and things you love, you cannot be loyal any longer to your spouse, your children and parents, and even more so to your pets in your hearts. You must cast these aside to be absolutely loyal to God. The people you cherish, even more so your pets are powerless to save you. Only God can save you. Now is a matter of life or death. Do you mean that even as you face death, you still will disregard your life?

At this critical final moment, people in their practices should make as their first priorities: eating and drinking the words of God, whatever God entrusts them to do, carrying out their duties, satisfying God and the glory of God. These are the only ways to practice loyalty to God. The previous saints often said, “Our gain and loss doesn’t matter; we should pay mind to God’s will.” This should be the motto of all people. The specific practices are as follows: If Satan’s interference arrives, then the first task is to protect God’s testimony and God’s work and to use the truth to defeat Satan; if one faces sin or temptation, then glorifying God is first, and one can’t sin against and humiliate God; if there are people, issues, or things encumbering the fulfillment of their duties, then what God entrusts to them comes first and they must break free of all entanglements and be loyalty to God; if and when matters vital to one’s personal interests arise, then the interests of God’s family come first. Abandoning one’s personal interests and being considerate of God’s heart is vital. If worldly affairs entangle and constrain one, then fulfilling their duty and satisfying God must come first and they must cast aside all else and expend for God.

Now is when we begin to properly worship God. We must remove all false idols from our hearts. Those people that you idolize or lead you should have no place in your heart. No one should hold the same place in your heart as God. Even very good people are still creations and cannot be compared to God. We must only worship God and, at most, only show respect for other people. To God alone do we have an attitude of loyalty, love, obedience, and worship. Only this kind of person truly believes in God and is loyal to God. Those that love people and not God are the most muddled and erroneous of all and those with the least conscience and sense, and should be eliminated. God gave all His love to mankind, and in order to save mankind He paid the highest price. Still God has not received people’s love, and this is the saddest thing of all. In this final stage, it depends on people’s efforts. Why can’t people love God? This is worthy of much thought and people should make some effort toward this. Only those that love God possess the truth. Whoever can reach standards and go beyond in this aspect to achieve genuine love for God is a record-breaking champion and hero. You all must fight, do not be cowards.

If a believer really treats God as God, then he can worship God normally. In fulfilling his duties, he can be loyal to God to such a degree that he can obey God even unto death. This is a true expression of loyalty to God. If one believes in God but can’t be loyal to God, this belief isn’t real and is somewhat blasphemous. If you believe in God, why can’t you treat God as God? In this case, there is a problem with your faith. It is false and has other aims and is a deceptive faith. If you believe in God, then do so solemnly with all your heart, aboveboardly and as God requires. Believe in God by relying on human conscience and reason. Only this type of faith is real and can satisfy God. Only this kind of faith is in accordance with God’s heart. This kind of faith can succeed and will not lead to shame and failure.


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