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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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101 O God   I Miss You


In silence I’m missing You; reading Your word I’m even more remorseful in my heart.

With my misty eyes shedding tears, I expect to gather with You earlier tomorrow.

Hard-hearted I grieved Your heart often; my repeated trespasses I cannot make up for.

Unable to see Your face I’m sorrowful in my heart, waiting for You throughout spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Ah … ah … ah … ah….

In self-reproach I spend days and nights,

Feeling indebted, uneasy, and heartbroken with tears wetting my garment.

How I wish to retrieve my yesterday’s wrongs, and expect to see You and pour out my heart!


The happy days I’m thinking of with nostalgia, Your speaking voice and smiling countenance I often recall.

Cheers and laughter are ringing in my ears, in this life and this age I will not forget.

Time goes by so slowly and I’m suffering torments, feeling unbearably lonely and desolate.

I dream that time could flow backwards, and I would accompany You genuinely and sincerely.

Ah … ah … ah … ah….

Where are You, my beloved?

I’m burning with anxiety to see Your countenance and throw myself into Your bosom.

Heart attached to heart we will stay together forever, composing a love song.

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