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108 All the Glory Be to God

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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108 All the Glory Be to God


God’s great love is as deep as sea;

Having experienced until today I’ve just truly known this.

I hate myself for being so blind.

I have been corrupted by Satan so deeply.

That I often disobeyed and grieved God.


God, though You have used me,

All Your work is actually done by the Spirit.

Glory and praise be to You.

I truly owe You too much,

Failing to satisfy Your heart’s desire.


I received Your salvation in corruption;

I was lifted by You from the dunghill.

I really don’t deserve Your love;

I truly feel shame and disgrace.

Dung as I am, how can I be worthy to see You?


To know myself is really hard.

Only in sufferings and trials can I be revealed.

I can have God’s salvation,

And exercise in the reality of the Kingdom;

I feel immense satisfaction in the heart.


God, You have truly loved me.

Without the judgment and chastisement of Your word,

I would have long died somewhere.

How could I have today’s grace?

You great love has been deeply engraved on my heart.


God’s painstaking care and price on me,

I really cannot count.

Even if I offer up my everything,

I’m unable to repay God’s love.

All I can do is to perform my duty well to comfort God’s heart.

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