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109 O God, You Know I’m Missing You

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109 O God, You Know I’m Missing You


I love You in my heart, but feel unworthy,

Having no face to see Your face; how anxious I’m in my heart!

I can only make a resolution inwardly, to offer up my body and heart,

And undergo all the final sufferings for You.

O God! You know I’m waiting for You to return.

Please don’t forget me.

I cannot live without You!


Though unworthy to see Your face, I won’t lose hope;

With full confidence, I’m loving You silently.

As long as it’s for You, I will not hesitate;

With great confidence I will welcome Your return.

O God! May You wait for me to give You my love.

I believe that You are loving me.

I cannot live without You!


Though I’m weak in my flesh, having sufferings and sorrows,

You can trust me, that I have not forgotten You.

I hate my flesh, and loathe Satan;

How I wish to break away from unrighteousness!

Unable to satisfy Your desire, I will not be willing to die.

Only when I see Your smiling face,

Will my heart feel slightly gratified.


I have will, and have perseverance,

And I’m not passive; I’m loving You truly.

However many are the sufferings, or great the hindrances,

I will try to satisfy You.

When I live out Your image, a new likeness innocent and lively,

The holy spiritual body I will give to You,

And will never part with You!

And will never part with You!

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