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120 All Men’s Loving God Is Conditional

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120 All Men’s Loving God Is Conditional

1. Man searches for God in the midst of pain, and he looks unto God among trials. During times of peace he enjoys God, when in peril he denies God, when he is busy he forgets God, and when he is idle he goes through the motions for God—yet never has anyone loved God throughout their whole life.

2. Who knows how much impurity is in his blood, and how much of Satan’s venom is within his marrow? Man grows more accustomed to it with each passing day, such that he is insensible to Satan’s affliction, and thus has no interest in finding out the “art of a healthy existence.”

Refrain: God’s enlightenment, illumination, and the cost of His efforts penetrate among all people, yet so too does the true fact of man’s every action penetrate among all people, penetrating their deception of Him. God wishes for man to be earnest before Him: God does not ask that he give Him anything, but only that all people take His seriously, that, instead of misleading Him, they allow Him to bring back the sincerity of man.

from “The Twenty-first Utterance” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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