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13 Welcoming Your Smiling Face to Appear to Me

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13 Welcoming Your Smiling Face to Appear to Me


You lifted me from dust into Your bosom, woke my spirit up from long night.

Your beautiful smiling face dawns on me in the twilight, draws a silent love from my heart.

I never dreamed of loving You, yet an unexpected immense grace came upon me.

I’m dust without any honor, yet the glorious supreme King comes to me.


My blurred eyes gaze upon You. Your love is so sincere and beautiful.

It arouses my love to hug You. Charming smiles appear on Your face.

Your loveliness is so wonderful beyond expression. It captures my heart and stirs my love.

You have so much loveliness, imprinted in my heart. I wish to give You all of my love.


Where are You now, my beloved? I keep awake for long night out of missing You.

Why do You hide from me since You love me? How can I get comforted without seeing You?

I’m satisfied for You become my love. I’m overjoyed to see You.

I’m the most fortunate and blessed. My happy life glows with radiance.

You are my life and have occupied my heart. I wish to belong to You and live out You on earth.

I’ll love You as a testimony to satisfy Your heart, welcoming Your smiling face to appear to me,

welcoming Your smiling face to appear to me, ah … welcoming Your smiling face to appear to me.

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