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131 Those Unrepentant People Who Are Trapped in Sin Are Beyond Salvation

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131 Those Unrepentant People Who Are Trapped in Sin Are Beyond Salvation

Those who only think of their flesh and like comfort, those whose faith is ambiguous, those who engage in witchcraft medicine and sorcery, those who are promiscuous, and tattered and ragged, those who steal sacrifices to Jehovah and the possessions of Him, those who love bribes, those who idly dream of going to heaven, those who are arrogant and conceited, and only strive for personal fame and fortune, those who spread impertinent words, those who blaspheme against God Himself, those who do nothing but make judgments against and vilify God Himself, those who gang up with others and try to become independent, those who exalt themselves higher than God, those frivolous young men and women, and middle- and old-aged men and women who are ensnared in vice, those men and women who enjoy personal fame and fortune and pursue personal status among others, those unrepentant people who are trapped in sin—are they not all beyond salvation?

from “Practice (7)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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