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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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163 God’s Word Is Light


The Lightning of the East awakened me from my dream;

In a haze I saw God’s word appearing in the flesh.

The judging and chastising love has saved and purified me.

Frustrations, failures, sufferings, and refinings make my heart broken.

Deprived of my everything, the arrogant me has disappeared.

Seeing my extreme filthiness I realize my unworthiness;

Thinking of my life experience and my past indebtedness,

How could such a mean, low, and corrupt person deserve to see God’s face?

Repeated frustrations and failures have brought me into the life of believing in God;

Smiting, refining, and tribulations are woven into a tie of salvation,

Linking my whole being to God’s love tightly.

God’s disposition is revealed to me and this is really so great a blessing.


The incarnated God is the Savior reappearing.

In the trials of the furnace I have been saved from darkness,

Tasting the salvation and seeing God’s deeds.

The dark life of hell makes me clearer on what to love and what to hate.

My spiritual eyes are opened and I understand the mysteries of human life;

Man’s corrupt flesh is the embodiment of Satan.

I can love God and testify about God and this is God’s exceptional uplifting.

To repay God’s love is my wish and I will no longer seek anything else.

God’s judging me is so meaningful that I cannot fathom it.

To obey unto death under God’s wrath is my duty.

I’m duty-bound to satisfy God’s righteous disposition,

And dedicate my whole being for God’s glorious testimony in the entire universe.


God’s disposition has been revealed in me,

Lighting my path ahead and bringing me into the true human life,

So I have known God and become God’s testimony.

I’m really unworthy to inherit so great a salvation.

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