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164 Only People in Whom the Holy Spirit Is Working Can Be Perfected

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164 Only People in Whom the Holy Spirit Is Working Can Be Perfected

1. Right now, there is a portion of people whose conditions are getting better and better. The more the Holy Spirit works the more confidence they have, and the more they experience the more they feel the profound mystery of God’s work. The deeper they enter in, the more they understand. Ay … ay … They feel that God’s love is so great, and they feel steady and enlightened inside. They have an understanding of God’s work. These are the people in whom the Holy Spirit is working.

2. People who are able to bear witness for God and satisfy His will are reliant upon their drive to pursue God’s words. Ay … ay … The work that God performs in people is primarily to allow them to gain the truth. Your pursuit of life is for the sake of perfecting you—it is all to make you suitable for God’s use. Ay …

from “You Ought to Maintain Your Devotion to God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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