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17 Who Has Ever Known the God in the Flesh

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17 Who Has Ever Known the God in the Flesh

1. Since you are one of the people of God’s household, and since you are faithful in God’s kingdom, all that you do must meet the standards that God requires, meet the standards that God requires. God does not ask that you be nothing more than a drifting cloud, but that you be gleaming snow, and possessed of its substance and even more its value. Because God came from the holy land, not like the lotus, which has only a name and no substance because it came from the mire and not the holy land.

2. The time that a new heaven descends upon the earth and a new earth spreads over the skies is also the very time that God formally works among man. Who among man knows God? Who beheld the moment of God’s arrival? Who has seen that God not only has a name, God not only has a name, but, moreover, is also possessed of substance? God sweeps away the white clouds with His hand and closely observes the skies; in space, nothing is not arranged by God’s hand, and beneath space, no man does not contribute his own tiny effort to the accomplishment of God’s mighty enterprise. God does not make onerous demands of the people on earth, for He has always been the practical God, and because He is the Almighty that created man and knows man well.

from “The Ninth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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