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171 Those Who Love God Will Be Kept by God

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171 Those Who Love God Will Be Kept by God

1. Maybe in the future there will be some great trials to come, but if now you can love God with a true heart, then no matter how great the future trials will be and what things will come, you will be able to stand the testimony and satisfy God. Then your heart will be comforted. The future things you cannot see clearly, you cannot see clearly; all you can do is to satisfy God in the present situation. You should pay attention to experiencing God’s word in your practical life to satisfy God and bear a strong and resounding testimony, putting satan to shame.

2. Although your flesh is not satisfied and undergoes suffering, you have satisfied God and put satan to shame. If you always practice this way, God will make a way out for you, make a way out for you ahead. One day when great trials come, even if others all fall, you will still be able to stand, you will still be able to stand; because of your price, God will keep you standing, God will keep you standing and keep you from falling. If at ordinary times you can practice the truth and satisfy God with a heart of loving God, God will surely keep you in the future trials. Although you are ignorant, small in stature, and poor in qualities, God will not treat you unfairly. This depends on whether your intent is right.

3. If now you can satisfy God, not letting go even in small things, have a heart of truly loving God, and satisfy God in everything, and though unable to see through some things, you seek God’s will and come before God to right your intent and do everything for the sake of satisfying God, and maybe the brothers and sisters reject you, but your heart is satisfying God and not hankering after fleshly enjoyment, not hankering after fleshly enjoyment, if you always practice like this, you will be kept, you will be kept when great trials come, you will be kept when great trials come.

from “Only Loving God Is Truly Believing in God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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