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173 Has Your Heart Turned to God

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173 Has Your Heart Turned to God

Accompaniment: Ah….

1. When man’s heart turns to God, it is that man’s heart can be toward God all the time, and he can forsake his flesh and contemplate God in his heart, in doing things and speaking and in every act and move can satisfy, satisfy God whom he loves in his heart, and can always have a burden for God’s will in his heart. This means his heart turns to God.

2. When your mind and thoughts are wrong, you can forsake your intents and do according to God’s will, do according to God’s will. The more you experience like this, the more your heart will turn to God and will satisfy God and love God. When the trials come upon you, you can still love God. Whether you are imprisoned or ill, whether others sneer at or slander you, sneer at or slander you, or whether you come to a dead end, you can still love God. This means that your heart, your heart has turned to God.

from God’s Fellowship

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