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175 Starting a New Life to Comfort God’s Heart

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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175 Starting a New Life to Comfort God’s Heart

Accompaniment: To comfort God’s heart


My heart has been seen through by You; if I have something I will become arrogant,

Have no regard for anything, and consider myself something.

Too self-right! Too self-important! My nature is hard to cast off.

Too debased! Too base! No humanity can be found.

I always pretend to be sincere and disguise myself; how can this not grieve Your heart?


My heart has been seen through by You; exposed by Your word I’m ashamed,

And have no place to hide myself and no face to see You, heartbroken with unspeakable pains.

Having followed You for so long, I don’t care for Your heart.

Experiencing Your practical work, I always say that I have no way to go on;

Your words have spoken about it thoroughly; it’s that I haven’t pursued with my heart.


In the past I showed my greedy eyes before You, which was loathed by You.

Today I can no longer disobey You, and no longer be a conscienceless person.

I only wish I only wish to perform the duty of a created being;

I only wish I only wish to requite Your kindness.

I will expend the rest of my life for You, and start a new life to comfort Your heart.


God’s word is drawing my heart, God’s word is encouraging me.

God’s love has conquered my heart, so that I no longer linger in the past.

God loves me God loves me; God’s word has melted my heart.

God loves me God loves me, and He has brought me before Him.

I live in the light of God’s presence, and step onto the path of human life.

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