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186 Here We Are Gathered Together

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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186 Here We Are Gathered Together

Accompaniment: Loving each other    loving each other

                            Becoming one family    becoming one family    Ah….


Here we are gathered together;

it’s a gathering of the people who love God.

We have no prejudices and are very close to each other;

our heart is filled with happiness and sweetness.

In the past we had guilt and indebtedness;

today we understand each other and live in God’s love.

How joyful we are together without flesh!

Brothers and sisters love each other and become one family.

Accompaniment: Having no prejudices    and being incomparably close    Ah….


Here we are gathered together;

it’s a gathering of the ones from Five Continents and Four Seas.

We have been corrupted yet have been saved;

we have the same language and will.

We pour out to each other the parting feelings,

and fellowship about our experiences and knowledge.

Now we have stepped onto the bright and brilliant path of human life.

The prospect is pleasant, full of vitality and full of light.

Accompaniment: The prospect is pleasant    full of light    Ah….


Here we are gathered together,

but soon we will have to part again.

God’s commission on our shoulder and God’s will in our heart,

for the need of the work we will go in all directions again.

When we are gathered, we are full of joy and laughter;

when we part, we encourage each other with thousands of words.

God’s love inspires us to be faithful to the end.

For a beautiful tomorrow we will exert all our little strength.

Accompaniment: Here we are gathered    but will have to part again

God’s commission on our shoulder and God’s will in our heart    Ah….

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