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192 What a Desolate and Miserable World

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192 What a Desolate and Miserable World

Accompaniment: Ah … ah … ah … ah….


I spend all my life in vain, as time passes by like a dream,

Scrambling for fame and gain busily.

I am willing to lay down my life for the flesh, but can hardly give up anything for the truth,

Seeing my youth off like this.

I have never thought of God’s sufferings, and never contemplated God’s loveliness,

idling my days away.

I have never lived for God for a single day, and never made God beam with smiles,

living an empty, easy, and dull life.

Who has ever understood God’s heart? Who can stick by God in life and death?

Who has ever treasured God’s word? Who can be willing to dedicate himself selflessly?


Men have comfortable home, but God has no place to lay His head.

How few can offer up their all!

He has tasted enough of the coldness of the world, and undergone all the tribulations of the world,

but can hardly gain a touch of sympathy!

He is worried about men day and night, coming and going among men,

But who can show care for His safety!

He rushes about all the year round, giving up His all for men,

But no one asks after His health.

Men only know to demand of God; how could they think a bit about God’s will!

Men all enjoy family happiness; why always leave God shedding tears?


Spring comes and flowers bloom; when will this come to an end? The true affection is in the world.

In the sorrows and joys of partings and meetings He has spent spring, summer, autumn, and winter,

Enduring the pain of rejection year after year.

What a desolate and miserable world!

Accompaniment: Ah … ah … ah … ah….

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