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194 May You Enjoy Rest Earlier

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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194 May You Enjoy Rest Earlier

Accompaniment: Ah … ah … ah … ah….


A common and humble person, takes back disobedient hearts.

Your flesh still creates an uncommon splendor.

Everywhere is left with Your footprints, glowing with vigorous life;

Merciless smiting, sincere wish.

The grief with blood and tearstains, expresses Your mind burning with anxiety.

You endure humiliation to bear a heavy burden and dedicate selflessly, bestowing to me a chance to resurrect.

Your heart has so many hopes of me; Your love makes me have no other choice.

May You be comforted, and enjoy rest earlier.


Your word of life, has tugged at my heartstrings;

Your sincere price, has stirred up my affection and love.

Your loveliness is so much so much, winning all men’s trust;

Regretless expending, deep expectations.

I will give up my lifetime splendor, to requite Your innocent flesh;

I will promote justice and have blood debt paid, to console Your broken heart.

Your love will remain in my heart forever; Your love will accompany and bless mankind.

May You be comforted, and enjoy rest earlier.

May You be comforted, and enjoy rest earlier.

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