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198 The Greatest Blessing God Bestows to People

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198 The Greatest Blessing God Bestows to People

With God’s word becoming complete, the kingdom progressively takes shape on earth, and people also progressively return to normal. Thus the kingdom in God’s heart is established on earth. In God’s kingdom, all the people recover the normal human life. It is no longer the icy winter, but a world of spring all the year round. And people no longer contact the desolation of the world or endure the coldness of the world. People do not fight against each other, and nations do not war against each other; there is no more slaughter, there is no more slaughter. The whole earth is full of joy, and every place is brimming with the warmth of the world. The angels’ weeping is heard no more, and no one pours out his sorrows to God anymore. Today, you all live before God; tomorrow, you all will live in God’s kingdom. Isn’t this just the greatest blessing, the greatest blessing, the greatest blessing, the greatest blessing God bestows to people?

from “The Twentieth Piece of Word” of God’s Utterance to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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