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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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199 Finally I Can Love You


With a genuine and pure love, a kind and sincere heart, You have expended everything for man.

In the heart that loves You and is attached to You, I feel that You are immeasurable.

I love You and cling to You, with trembling and fear, and I’m comforted in the love.

You accompany me through the tribulations; I don’t want You to leave my side.

Finally I can love You; I stay with You day and night, and understand Your will.

Your loveliness is more and more; I see God’s image in the flesh.

You are with me, and I get so much from You; it often brings me surprises and joys.

You give me all Your love; how precious is the time when I have Your company!


Your love arouses me and stirs up my heart; since I believe in You I should even more be faithful to You.

You guide me with words, and save me from the brink of death.

I have so much disobedience; it’s Your word that enlivens me, so I know how to be faithful to You.

To face justice I should have testimony, and I will give up everything and follow God.

Following You until today, I have more and more enjoyment, and my path becomes brighter and brighter.

Knowing what You are and what You have, I feel You are infinitely lovely.

It’s You who grace me, so I have all I have today; I do not know how to thank You.

Guided by You I live in the light; I should even more strive hard and follow closely.

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