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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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206 You Are in My Heart


Far away from You and home I miss You, and pray to You.

Reading Your word I trust in You more, and my heart is comforted.

For testifying about You I’ve suffered all pains, and I even more know You are lovely.


It’s Your word that nurtures me, and gives me human life.

Contemplating Your love I have enjoyment in heart, and have strength all over.

I give up everything to expend for You, and this is Your uplifting of me.


Rushing about with difficulty I do not feel bitter, for You are with me.

Though I cannot see Your face my heart loves You, and You are in my heart.

Your love has taken root in my heart, and I will be faithful to You forever.


I follow You walking and walking, walking to the end of the path.

When You are transfigured, I will welcome Your return,

Welcome Your return.

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