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207 What Will Face You If You Leave Today’s Chastisement and Judgment

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207 What Will Face You If You Leave Today’s Chastisement and Judgment

1. Maybe you would say that if you did not believe in God, then you would not suffer chastisement or judgment. But you should know that if you did not believe in God, not only would you be unable to receive care from the Almighty, but you would forever lose the opportunity to see the Creator. You would never comprehend the significance of human life.

2. If you separate yourself from today’s chastisement, what is it that you will meet with? Do you think that once separated from the present judgment, you will be able to escape from this difficult life? Is it not true that if you leave “this place,” what you will encounter is painful torment or cruel injuries inflicted by the devil? Might you encounter unendurable days and nights?

3. Do you think you can escape that later eternal chastisement simply by running away from reality? After today, will you ever be able to find this kind of opportunity and this kind of blessing again? Will you be able to find them when all of mankind enter into rest? Your present happy life and the harmonious little family of yours—can they substitute for your future eternal destination?

from “The Inside Truth of the Conquering Work (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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