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215 The Greatest Blessing God Bestows Upon Man

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215 The Greatest Blessing God Bestows Upon Man

1. Following the completion of God’s words, the kingdom is gradually formed on earth and man is gradually returned to normality, and thus there is established on earth the kingdom in God’s heart. In the kingdom, all the people of God recover the life of normal man. Gone is the frosty winter, replaced by a world of cities of spring, where it is spring all year round. No longer are people faced with the gloomy, miserable world of man, no longer do they endure the cold chill of the world of man. People do not fight with each other, countries do not go to war against each other, no longer is there carnage and the blood that flows from carnage; all lands are filled with happiness, and everywhere teems with warmth between men.

2. God moves throughout the world, God enjoys from atop His throne, God lives among the stars, among the stars. And the angels offer unto God new songs and new dances. No longer does their own fragility cause tears to run down their faces. No longer does God hear, before Him, the sound of the angels weeping, and no longer does anyone complain of hardship to God. Today, you all live before God; tomorrow, you will all exist in His kingdom. Is this not the greatest blessing that God bestows upon man? Is this not the greatest blessing that God bestows upon man?

from “The Twentieth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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