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216 You Should Emulate Peter’s Way of Experience

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216 You Should Emulate Peter’s Way of Experience

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1. After a period of experience, Peter saw in Jesus many of the deeds of God, saw the loveliness of God, and saw much of God’s being in Jesus. The words of Jesus could not have been spoken by man, and the work Jesus did could not have been done by man. In Jesus’ words and actions, furthermore, Peter saw much of the wisdom of God, and much divine work.

2. During his experiences, he did not merely come to know himself, but also focused on observing the actions of Jesus, from which he discovered many new things; namely, that there were many expressions of the practical God in Jesus, and that Jesus’ words, actions, the ways He shepherded the churches and the work He carried out differed from any ordinary man. Thus, from Jesus he learned many lessons that he was supposed to learn. Thus, from Jesus he learned many lessons that he was supposed to learn.

3. By the time Jesus was about to be nailed to the cross, he had gained some knowledge of Jesus—a knowledge which was the basis of his lifelong loyalty to Jesus, and of his crucifixion upside down for the sake of Jesus. If you can observe and undergo meticulous experiences in every step of God’s work, then you will be able to gradually discover the loveliness of God. Peter used the resurrection of Jesus and His appearance, and Jesus’ teachings during His lifetime, as his vision until he came to the end of his journey.

from “Only Those Who Know God Can Bear Testimony to God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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