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220 I Have an Ache Deep in My Heart

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220 I Have an Ache Deep in My Heart


I have an ache deep in my heart

Every time I think of it I feel as if a knife were wringing my heart

I can never forget all my life this lesson written in blood

I hate myself heartbroken with deep repent and sorrow

Seeing God’s face but not knowing Him

Saying things different from what I thought

Saying that I would love God but staying away from Him in my heart

Saying that God was God but still treating Him as a man


Saying that God was righteous but often complaining

Saying that God was faithful but suspecting His

Saying that I would satisfy God but still rebelling against God

Crooked and crafty and always cheating God

Saying that I would testify about God but exalting myself

Saying that I would be faithful to God but sparing some effort

Self-important and self-right and never submitting to anyone

So corrupt when can I become a man


God’s heart is earnest and sincere toward man

His kind heart is sorrowful for man

Anxiously expecting man to be transformed

But I fall far short of God’s requirement

The time has come and I am anxious in my heart

If I am still not for God I will have no opportunity

Even if I love God but God does not approve

Fulfilling my duty I will be comforted in my heart

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