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220 Man Never Truly Stands Up Under Trial

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220 Man Never Truly Stands Up Under Trial

1. When God puts mankind’s faith to the test, not one human being has the capacity to bear true witness, not one is capable of offering up his all. Even Job never truly stood up under trial, nor did he emanate sweetness in the midst of suffering. All that humanity is capable of doing is to produce a faint hint of green in the warmth of springtime; he has never stayed evergreen under the cold blasts of winter. Bony and emaciated in stature, man cannot fulfill God’s intention. Bony and emaciated in stature, man cannot fulfill God’s intention.

2. In all of humanity, there is no one who can serve as a model for others, because men are basically alike and no different from each other, with little to distinguish them one from another. For this reason, even today men are still unable fully to know God’s works. Only when God’s chastisement descends upon all mankind will men, unbeknownst to themselves, become aware of God’s works, and without God’s doing anything or compelling anyone, men will come to know God, and thereby get to see God’s works. This is God’s plan, it is the aspect of God’s works that is manifest, and it is what man should know, it is what man should know.

from “The Twenty-sixth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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