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234 God’s Work Is Unfathomable

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234 God’s Work Is Unfathomable

1. When people experience God’s work, their first knowledge of Him is that He is unfathomable, wise and wonderful, and they unconsciously revere Him and feel the mystery of the work He does, which is beyond the reach of man’s mind. It goes beyond man’s thinking and imagination and cannot be done by man instead. What man feels for Him is not only admiration. Their deepest experience is awe and love.

2. God does work that man is unable to do, He says things that man is unable to say. People who have experienced His work always experience an indescribable feeling. People with deeper experiences particularly love God. They always feel His loveliness, feel that His work is so wise, so wonderful, and this thereby generates infinite power among them. It is not fear or occasional love and respect, but deep feeling of God’s compassion and tolerance of man. However, people who have experienced His chastisement and judgment feel Him to be majestic and inviolable. Even people who have experienced a lot of His work are also unable to fathom Him.

from “God’s Work and Man’s Work” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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