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236 Only He Who Reveres God Lives With Dignity

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236 Only He Who Reveres God Lives With Dignity

People should live with dignity and moral integrity and should be able to attain a heart that submits to God, a heart that reveres God—it is not enough just to live with moral integrity alone. You are living with the truth and truly with dignity and character when you truly have a God-revering heart. If you do not have a God-revering heart and do not genuinely submit to God, never understanding truth when you act, always being woolly-headed and off toward the left or right, not understanding any principle, having total enthusiasm, then it’s of no use no matter how much you care about face: You still have no dignity and are a dimwit. Such a person is not worth anything. No matter how high of preaching you have heard, no matter how much doctrine you understand, in the end you must come back to the pursuit of truth and be able to be a person who submits to God and reveres God. This is fundamental. This is the most important thing. This is the most important thing.

from “A Person Can Live Life With Dignity Only by Submitting to and Revering God” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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