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241 God’s Judgment and Chastisement Is Good

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241 God’s Judgment and Chastisement Is Good

1. O God! My flesh is disobedient, and You chastise me and judge me. I rejoice in Your chastisement and judgment, and even if You do not want me, in Your judgment I behold Your holy and righteous disposition. When You judge me, so that others may behold Your righteous disposition in Your judgment, I feel content. If it can show forth Your disposition, and allow Your righteous disposition to be seen by all creatures, and if it can make my love of You purer, then Your judgment and chastisement is good, for such is Your gracious will.

2. I know that there is still much in me that is rebellious, and that I am still not fit to come before You. I wish for You to judge me even more, whether through a hostile environment or great tribulations; no matter how You judge me, to me it is precious. Your love is so great, Your love is so profound, and I am willing to lay myself at Your mercy. Your chastisement and judgment is righteous and holy; it is in order to cleanse me, and even more to save me. I am willing to give myself fully to You. I am willing to love You by living amid Your judgment. I am willing to love You by living amid Your judgment.

from “The Experiences of Peter: His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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