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260 The Essence of God Is Both Almighty and Practical

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260 The Essence of God Is Both Almighty and Practical

1. God works in reality, He expresses His own disposition and what He is. Whatever work man cannot do, He can do, and this concerns His aspect of almightiness. God doing this work Himself is His practical aspect, is His practical aspect, and these two aspects work in unison, these two aspects work in unison. The words God speaks contain His aspect of almightiness and He wields His authority, completing what He says He will complete, completing what He says He will complete. It is needless to say what the end result will be; as He speaks these words, His almightiness is revealed. The essence of God Himself is both almighty and practical, and these two aspects complement each other, these two aspects complement each other.

2. Everything God does is an expression of His disposition and is a revelation of what He is. What He is includes His almightiness, His righteousness and His majesty. In the Age of Law, God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, and this proved that God has a practical side. But Jonah did not listen and, in the end, his survival inside the whale’s stomach for three days was the work of God’s almightiness. What God did to Jonah reveals that God is almighty, God is almighty. God’s work from beginning to end is a revelation of His own essence and an expression of what He is. His essence has two aspects: One is the aspect of His almightiness, the other is the aspect of His practicality. These two aspects you can see in any stage of God’s work, and you can see that both these two aspects are in everything God does. This is one way to understand God.

from “How to Understand God’s Almightiness and Practicality” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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