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264 Having Stepped Into a New Life

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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264 Having Stepped Into a New Life

O God! Now I have stepped into a new life,

Spending my days and nights in the kingdom exercise.

I always like to come before You, and only in this way do I not feel accused.

Now I’ve just understood that it’s God You who have loved me.

O God! I’m willing to love You, and don’t care how others do.

I will cooperate with You, for You are expecting me.

O God! I will no longer be passive, no longer be lazy,

And no longer live for myself; to satisfy Your heart’s desire is my wish.


The path under my feet You open, the love-fire in my heart You kindle,

Numerous difficulties and dangers You lead me through,

Sufferings and tribulations You permit. So many times I shed tears,

So many times I’m sorrowful and lonely, so many times I’m extremely grieved,

And so many times I fall into Satan’s trap…

But God You have never left me.

How could I not be grateful? How could I not shed tears?

How could I not love You? Though I’m small in stature and weak in strength,

I will give You a true love, for You not to wait anymore;

I will give You a pure love,

For You to taste my love; I will give You all my love,

For You to gain my love. I will throw myself into Your warm bosom of love.

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