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28 How Happy to Live in God’s Family

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28 How Happy to Live in God’s Family


Having been judged, we are living before God today,

Being joyful and full of enjoyment and faith.

We cast off the flesh and family the influence of darkness,

And enter into the realm of God’s word,

Having a happy life, having a happy life.


Living before God by God’s word is pleasing to God,

Without false philosophies of life, and without flesh.

We have principles in associating with people, and have God’s word as the reality of our life,

Without regulations and doctrines,

Living in a world of freedom, living in a world of freedom.


Today we gather in God’s family talking and laughing joyfully;

We are simple and open and talk heart to heart having no more barriers.

Let’s compare our hearts of loving God; let’s sing the most beautiful song in our hearts,

To express our lofty sentiments.

The life tomorrow will be better, the life tomorrow will be better.


Living in God’s family we are rich beyond compare;

We understand the truth and have principles living in God’s love.

Experiencing God’s work, and enjoying God’s word,

I have known the practical God.

My human life is so joyous, my human life is so joyous.

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