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298 The Remorseful Voice From the Heart

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298 The Remorseful Voice From the Heart

Seeing God’s day approach nearer and nearer,

I feel waves of sorrow in my heart.

Thinking of the past scenes of disobeying God, I am struck by remorse.

God spoke earnestly and told me the way I should walk.

Yet not much change is seen in me even now,

I do not know what retribution I will receive.

God’s word shakes my soul. My heart prays with trembling.

Luckily God still shows tolerance and endurance today.

How can I miss this Heaven-sent chance!

God has given me love and so much life supply.

It’s a pity that I fail to enter the reality.

I suffer because I did not pursue the truth.

Where can I find happiness now?

Having enjoyed God so much, I ought to repay with all my life.

My obsessed heart should have woken up.

Without the truth I will ruin myself in the end.

Righteousness has descended on earth.

I can never remain indifferent or apathetic.

With heart and spirit, I should be faithful to God.

I will dedicate my life and go all out for the truth.

There is not much time for me to be loyal to God.

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