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33 Men All Have Buried God’s Grace

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33 Men All Have Buried God’s Grace

1. In the several thousand years since God came into the world, any number of men with lofty ideals have been used by God to work for Him over any number of years; but those who know His work are so few as to be almost non-existent. For this reason, untold numbers of people assume the role of resisting God at the same time that they work for Him.

2. because, rather than doing His work, they actually do human work in a position conferred by God. Can this be called work? How can they enter in? They have buried God’s grace. Because of this, over generations past those who do His work have little entry.

3. They simply do not speak about knowing God’s work, because they understand too little of God’s wisdom. Though there are many who serve God, they have failed to see how exalted He is, and this is why all have set themselves up as God for others to worship.

from “Work and Entry (1)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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