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34 The Practical God Saves Men in Obscurity

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34 The Practical God Saves Men in Obscurity

1. God has become flesh this time to do the work that He has yet to complete, to judge this age and bring it to a close, and to save man from the sea of affliction and utterly conquer man and transform his life disposition. Many are the sleepless nights that God has endured for the sake of the work of mankind. From up high to the lowest depths, He has descended to the hell on earth to live and pass His days with man, has never complained of the shabbiness among man, has never reproached man for his disobedience, but endures the greatest humiliation as He carries out His work. For the purpose that all mankind can find rest sooner, He has endured humiliation and suffered injustice to come to earth, and personally entered into the tiger’s den, to save man.

2. How many times has He faced the stars, how many times has He departed at dawn and returned at dusk, enduring great agony, enduring the attacks and breaking of man. God has come to this filthy land, and quietly accepts the ravages and oppression of man. Never has He hit back, and never has He made excessive demands of man. Ah! He does all the work required by man: teaching and enlightening man, refining man with His words, and reminding, exhorting, consoling, judging, and revealing man. Though He has removed the prospects and fate of man, all that He has carried out has been for the sake of man’s life and man’s survival, and to free man from the oppression of dark forces that are black as night. Each of the steps is for the sake of man and for all mankind to have a good destination on earth.

from “Work and Entry (9)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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