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382 I’m So Remorseful

1. I’m so remorseful. I’m so remorseful. I’ve wasted so much precious time. Time has fled, never to return. Only regret is left. Thinking of the past and looking at the present, how many times have I loved God? I’m really unworthy to come before God, unworthy to enjoy His love. So many times God uplifted me and wanted to perfect me, but I did not pursue the truth. Planned for future and fate, bustled for fame, profit and position, unable to be faithful to God.

2. So disobedient, so corrupt, how could I love God? Loved God with my mouth but my heart was far from Him. I had no truth or reality at all. Today I’ll atone for my past indebtedness and make a new start with full confidence. God has given me another chance and tolerated me again; I’ll make a new choice. Cherish today, practice the truth, and perform my duty properly to satisfy God. God’s heart is anxious, God is expecting. I can’t disappoint His heart again. God’s heart is anxious, God is expecting. I can’t disappoint His heart again. I’ll be faithful to God forever.

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