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41 Offer Love to God


God became flesh and came among us.

He’s suffered all humiliations for saving us.

But I didn’t know Him, misunderstood and complained against Him.

My repeated rebelliousness and resistance grieved His heart so much.

Dear Almighty God, You pay no regard to my transgressions.

You’ve endured much of my rebelliousness and today show me grace again.

Seeing Your exaltation of me, I feel terribly ashamed.

I’m truly unworthy to receive Your love for me.


Dear Almighty God, I hear Your utterance.

Holding Your words in my hands, I shed silent tears.

Every word warms my heart and brings me closer to You.

I rise up from passiveness and follow You closely.

Today I’ve woken up, remorseful beyond words.

I resolve to be born again and satisfy Your desire.

I will repay Your love and offer my last loyalty to You,

bearing resounding testimony to comfort Your heart.

Your love has woken me up. I resolve to perform my duty properly,

be faithful to the end and care for Your desire.

I will repay Your love and offer my last loyalty to You,

bearing resounding testimony to comfort Your heart,

bearing resounding testimony to comfort Your heart.

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