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43 God Has Gained Glory


Rise up, people who truly love God; stand on the side of the almighty true God,

Stand up and break with the great red dragon thoroughly and rebel against this devil!

Give it a powerful counterattack; this is the final decisive war.

For God’s desire to be satisfied,

Let’s all testify for God, resolutely and fully expose the ugly face of the great red dragon,

Give no chance to Satan, and completely stand on the side of Almighty God.


God’s disposition has been revealed publicly, and Satan has been defeated thoroughly.

God’s six-thousand-year management plan has been crowned with success today!

God’s desire has been fulfilled, and God has fully gained glory.

All the glory be to the only true God!

For You are the ever-triumphant God Himself who is worthy of honor and glory and authority!

O all things in the universe and at the ends of the earth! Shout for joy and sing praises forever!

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