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56 Who Is Compatible With God

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56 Who Is Compatible With God

1. God has expressed so many words, and has also expressed His will and disposition, yet even so, people are still incapable of knowing Him, believing in Him, and obeying Him. Those who live in the Bible, those who live amidst the law, those who live on the cross, those who live according to doctrine, those who live among the work God does today—which of them is compatible with God? Which of them is compatible with God?

2. You only think of receiving blessings and rewards, and have never spared a thought to how to be compatible with God, or to how to prevent yourselves from being in enmity of God, how to prevent yourselves from being in enmity of God. God is so disappointed in you, for He has given you so much, yet He has gained so little from you. How could any of your rebelliousness escape God’s notice?

3. Your extravagant desires, greed, disobedience, and arrogance, your betrayal—which of these could escape God’s notice? You palter with God, you deceive God, you insult God, you exact God, you extort God for sacrifices—how could such maleficence elude His punishment? Your evildoing is proof of your enmity to God, your evildoing is proof of your enmity to God, and your evildoing is proof of your incompatibility with God.

from “You Should Seek the Way of Compatibility With Christ” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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