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58 Hope to Be Together With God

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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58 Hope to Be Together With God

1. When I recall the days God was with us, the pleasant scenes arise in my mind. I can hardly forget them. God was together with us in those days, His amiable words were sweet like honey. The happy meetings were so enjoyable. O God, how I wish to be together with You for all time!

2. When I recall the times I rebelled against God, I have no face to see His face. I can hardly make up for my indebtedness to Him, shedding tears remorsefully in secret. O God! You’ve suffered too much for saving me. You’ve given me so much love, I can never forget it. O God! I’ll never again disobey and resist You. I’ll love You with loyalty and be together with You.

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