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63 How to Retrieve the Lost Salvation

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63 How to Retrieve the Lost Salvation

God asked me how long I could follow Him.

I promised to devote my youth and keep Him company all my life.

The whisperings came from deep in my heart, shaking the earth and mountains.

I made the pledge of eternal love with tears, but I didn’t know my hypocrisy.

Years of vicissitudes have diluted my former love, my pledge turning into a lie.

I showed disobedience when meeting God; scenes of the past are unbearable to recall.

My devotion without loyalty brings God more grief.

Finally I’ve understood I expended too little and repaid God only with words on my lips.

Awakened from my dream, I feel worried about myself.

How to retrieve the lost salvation?

In these years I’ve lost too many chances to be perfected.

Whom can I tell how regretful I am in my heart?

Young and ignorant, I made God labor too much for me;

but I was ungrateful and didn’t know to repay Him.

Coming in a rush, going in a hurry, I’ve never been heart to heart with God.

I met Him by chance and failed to know Him, leaving more regret in my heart.

Today I’ve finally woken up; I will never again disobey and deceive God to grieve Him.

I won’t let Him be worried about me anymore.

I will do my best to pursue the truth, so as to get back the lost salvation,

so as to get back the lost salvation.

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