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65 Seeing off God


Seeing off God, I’m almost heartbroken, in silence, tears flooding my eyes.

God’s teachings ring in my ears. Do not be sad, do not be worried.

At the moment of parting, let us comfort each other.

O God, O God, my dear God!

Though we disobey You, You ignore it.

I am attached to You and miss You. I’m attached to You, missing You and loving You.

No matter the long and arduous journey, I will follow You closely.

Wherever You go, even if mountains and waters separate us,

we will be pining for You forever.

O God, O God, my dear God!

When Your Spirit in heaven confers grace on the earth, we are in Your embrace.


Seeing off God, my heart clings to Him, eyes tearful and words failing me.

God’s exhortations echo in my ears.

God’s love remains forever and is extolled to all ages.

Through Your years of nurturing, the seed of love You planted has bloomed.

O God, O God, my dear God!

When will we meet again and reminisce about days past?

Our gathering comes to an end. Together or apart, I miss You in my heart.

Wherever You go, I will keep You company.

Wherever I am on earth, despite adversities and hardships,

with Your word guiding me, my will never wavers.

O God, O God, my dear God!

I will give up my intents, notions, plans, and destiny and simply love You.

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