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65 What God Requires Is Man’s Undivided Love

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65 What God Requires Is Man’s Undivided Love

What God requires is man’s undivided love. Man does not know God, and though he may seek to know God, he will not give God his true and earnest heart. From man God does not exact what he is unwilling to give. If he gives God his devotion, God will accept it without polite demurral, accept it without polite demurral; but if he does not trust God, and refuses to offer up even an iota of himself to God, rather than growing more vexed on that account, God will simply dispose of him in some other way and send him to the home for which he is fit. The thunder, rolling across the skies, strikes man down; the high mountains, as they topple, bury him; the wild beasts in their hunger raven him up; and the oceans, surging, close over his head. As humanity engages in fratricidal conflict, all men will seek their own destruction in the calamities arising from humanity’s midst.

from “The Nineteenth Utterance” of God’s Utterances to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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