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79 For Whom Should Man Live

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79 For Whom Should Man Live


For whom should man live? Today I’m somewhat awakened.

Previously I lived only for my flesh, and never truly loved God.

I never cared for God’s will, and never paid heed to God’s work;

All I said and did was for myself; all I pursued was in vain.

Judged by God I have just known, I am satan by nature,

Really unworthy for God to save, and unworthy to inherit God’s love.


My heart has been revived, and I have just known to repay God’s love.

I hate myself for being so conscienceless before, that I made God suffer and grieve.

Yesterday has gone by, and today I have risen up;

I will strive harder, to make up for my past indebtedness.

Everything in the world is really empty; where is the bright path of human life!

I will no longer linger over anything of the world, but pursue the truth to satisfy God’s heart.

O God! You love me so much, saving me to the utmost.

How can I forget all that you have paid for me?

Brothers and sisters, don’t delay anymore; now is the time to walk the final part of the journey;

Expend for God and dedicate our whole being to repay God’s love.

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