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79 Praise God for Returning to Zion

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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79 Praise God for Returning to Zion


Almighty God is so glorious. Praise Almighty God for returning to His dwelling place.

We bow down to worship, and shout for joy to Him and sing to Him,

for God to enjoy and for God to accept, praising God for His overcoming.

Satan has been destroyed thoroughly; God has returned to Zion triumphant.


All and everything have been accomplished. On Mount Zion is shining the bright light.

The whole earth shouts for joy and all peoples sing praises together.

The praising voice is resounding in the universe,

reaching to the third heaven, reaching to God’s presence. The praising voice is unceasing.

God has fully gained glory. God has fully gained glory.

The praising voice is unceasing.

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