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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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84 To Love God Is My Duty


God You have been loving me to this day, but I have just discovered that You are lovely.

Reflecting on the past tears stream down my cheeks.

Believing in You why don’t I understand,

How to love You? How much precious time I have lost!

Enlightened by Your word today, I realize I lack too much in humanity,

My past pursuit was really full of extravagant desires,

I never cared for Your will, but always demanded from You,

And never thought of what I was created for.


God You humble Yourself in the flesh, and undergo all kinds of undeserved sufferings,

Working patiently to save me. I hate myself for being really so disobedient,

Conscienceless and senseless, that I have lost the duty of creation.

Today I have tasted Your loveliness; how can I still hesitate?

I will pursue to live out a meaningful life,

And regain the time lost in the past, to make up for my indebtedness,

And repay Your love faithfully; this is my duty.

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