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98 God’s Love Is as Deep as the Sea

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98 God’s Love Is as Deep as the Sea


You love me, Almighty God!

It is Your love that has led me until today.

Your love has accompanied me through so many sufferings and hardships, and through so many dangers and temptations. It is You who lead me by the hand, caring for and keeping me.


You love me, Almighty God!

Your words expose me.

Feeling too ashamed to show my face, I fall in Your light.

Seeing myself deeply corrupt,

Losing conscience and sense, I’m unworthy to be saved by You.


You love me, Almighty God!

It is You who have mercy on and uplift me.

I’m an extremely filthy sinner according to what I do.

I have a part in Your chastisement.

Why don’t I ask myself, why don’t I ask myself?


I love You, Almighty God!

It is Your love that arouses me.

Your love gives me enjoyment; Your love gives me strength.

My heart loves You forever. I don’t care about adversity or blessing, but only seek to satisfy Your heart.

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