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99 O God I’m Really Unworthy for You to Love

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (Mandarin)

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99 O God I’m Really Unworthy for You to Love


So many sad tears I have shed for myself,

So many wrongs I have suffered for myself,

So many long roads I have walked for myself,

So many times I calculate gains, losses, and rewards,

And so many times I want to leave God,

But God’s love has been drawing my heart,

As cords of kindness and ties of love tightly draw my hands,

So I come out of my passive and backward state step by step.

It is the sharp two-edged sword that divides my evil soul,

And the water of life saturates my heart.


So many times I doubt, suspect, worry, and hesitate,

Failing to withstand Satan’s threats and temptations;

So many times I search, seek, and bustle about for fame, gain, and future,

Taking them to heart and stubbornly sticking to them.

O God! This is me! This is me!

I’m really unworthy for You to love and for You to save.

O God! May You again care for, grace, and keep me;

Otherwise I cannot take a single step.

O God! May You give me chastisement, judgment, and refining,

Driving me to go forward with all my strength.

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