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338 God Has Gained Glory Among All Creations

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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338 God Has Gained Glory Among All Creations

1 From the time of creation until today, I have fought many victorious battles, and have done many admirable things. Many people once celebrated Me, and offered praise to Me, and danced for Me. Although these were stirring scenes, and unforgettable, I never showed My smile, for I had yet to conquer man, and was merely doing part of the work similar to the creation. Today is unlike the past. I give a smile upon the throne, I have conquered man, and people all bow down in worship before Me. The people of today are not those of the past. When has My work not been for the sake of the present? When has it not been for My glory? For the sake of a brighter tomorrow, I shall make plain all of My work in man many times over, so that all of My glory may “rest” in man, who was created.

2 I shall take this as the principle of My work. Those who are willing to cooperate with Me, rise up and work hard so that more of My glory may fill the firmament. Now is the time to carry out grand plans. All those who are beneath the care and protection of My love have the chance to put their abilities to use here, in My place, and I shall maneuver all things to “turn” for My work. The birds flying in the sky are My glory in the sky, the seas upon the earth are My doings upon the earth, the master of all things is My manifestation among all things, and I employ all that there is upon the earth as the capital for My management, causing all things to multiply, flourish, and burst with life.

Adapted from “Chapter 42” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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