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1028 God’s Substance Is Both Almighty and Practical

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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1028 God’s Substance Is Both Almighty and Practical

1 Everything that God does involves His almighty side as well as His practical side. God’s almightiness is His essence, but His practicality is also His essence; these two aspects are inseparable. God’s doing of deeds in a real, practical manner is His practical aspect at work, and that He can work this way also shows His almighty aspect. Anything God does contains both aspects–His almightiness and His practicality—and it is all done based on His essence; it is an expression of His disposition as well as a revelation of His essence and what He is.

2 God’s ability to do His work actually and practically, and to cleanse and resolve the corruption of humanity by expressing the truth, as well as His being able to directly lead people—these things show His practical side. He expresses His own disposition and what He is, and whatever work humans cannot do, He can do; in this can be seen His almighty side. God carries the authority to bring what He says into existence, to make His commands stand firm, and to have what He says be done. While God speaks, His almightiness is revealed. God rules over all things, maneuvers Satan to serve Him, arranges environments to test and refine people, and purify and transform their dispositions—all of these are manifestations of God’s almighty side. The essence of God is both almighty and practical, and these two aspects complement each other. Everything God does is an expression of His disposition and a revelation of what He is. What He is includes His almightiness, His righteousness, and His majesty.

Adapted from “How to Understand God’s Almightiness and Practicality”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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