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289 God’s Love for Mankind

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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289 God’s Love for Mankind

After three decades of wind and rain, of rocky roads, You were nailed to the cross to redeem all of mankind. You sacrificed Yourself to save humanity. In the last days You’ve become flesh again. You were born in the East, in China. You bear great humiliation and suffering. You express the truth and judge mankind. Your words conquer all enemies. You have never enjoyed the romance of youth. You take no part in the joy of family. You endure humiliation and feel sorrow, who can understand Your pain? You have given everything to save mankind. You humble Yourself to become human and face adversity together with man. You worry for man day and night, You have said all there is to say. Your love is sincere and good, it calls on my heart to awaken. Your words display Your almightiness, my heart is conquered. Your disposition is so righteous, it inspires reverence in my heart. You judge with Your words and I obtain purification and salvation. Your love is hard to measure, my heart asks for nothing more. Loyally, I expend myself for You to repay Your grace for the rest of my life.

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