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942 Only a Foundation of God’s Words Provides a Path of Practice

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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942 Only a Foundation of God’s Words Provides a Path of Practice

1 Only by pursuing the truth can you obtain changes in your disposition: This is something you must understand, and understand thoroughly. If you do not have sufficient understanding of the truth, you will easily slip up and go astray. If you want to grow in life, you must seek the truth in everything. No matter what issue may arise, you must seek to face it in a way that conforms to the truth, for if you face it in a way that is not entirely pure, then you are going against the truth. You must always consider the value of everything you do. You can do those things that have meaning, but must not do those things that have no meaning. With regard to things that you can either do or not do, if they can be let go, then let them go. Or if you do these things for some time and later find that you should let them go, then make a swift decision and let them go quickly. This is the principle you should follow when doing anything.

2 While seeking entry, every matter must be investigated. All matters must be thoroughly contemplated in accordance with God’s word and the truth so that you know how to do them in a way that conforms completely with God’s will. Things that arise from your self-will can then be abandoned. You will know how to do things in accordance with God’s will, and will then go and do them; it will feel as though everything is taking its natural course, and it will seem exceedingly easy. People who have the truth do things in this way. You can then really show others that you have changed your disposition, and they will see that you certainly have done some good deeds, that you do things according to principle, and that you do everything right. This is someone who understands the truth and who indeed has some human likeness. Sure enough, the word of God has reaped results in people.

Adapted from “Only by Pursuing the Truth

Can You Obtain Changes in Your Disposition”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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